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19 May 2012 @ 03:05 pm


er, hi, it's been a while! (i know, i know, biggest understatement of the century) livejournal's so quiet these days that i could forgive you for thinking that i've closed shop and disappeared, and while it's true that i was thinking for a while back then that i'd probably never do anything like that again - in the end i always come back. because this comm is my flesh and bone after all! and i missed making icons because it's where I started out despite being horribly, horribly rusty at doing it (you have to excuse me!) SOOO help a girl out and hit me with images to get the ball rolling?


  Unlimited slots and images. I can't guarantee that I'll icon every single one of your images, but you're welcome to send in as many as you like!
❙  All requests are shareable.
I work best with anime caps, official anime/manga images and fanart (credited please) but if you send me manga panels or real life images, I'll try my best to icon them. Just don't expect anything fancy (see previous posts for a general impression of my iconing style)

09 October 2011 @ 12:07 am
my first icon post in nine months! hopefully this batch will make up for it? and anyway you guys will be sick of me before long, given the way i am cross-posting this everywhere....i did sign up for an icontest a little while back to try and goad myself into activity, y'know, but i didn't finish my set after all (it takes a lot more than a deadline to move me apparently) .........however, i do have a conscience. a conscience, bless it. hence this post.

there is no particular order to the arrangement, fandoms are all over the place so just ask if you want to know which series it's from! or right click 'save'; whatever works for you. as usual, i played a bit with the textures and colours, but it's more like tweaking my iconing style to fit my current sense of aesthetics. some of these might look familiar, because i cropped quite a lot of anime icons from my caps tumblr but the rest are quite new - in fact, i made everything else over the course of two months ++ because i want this post out of the way before my finals and before the autumn anime season starts. but no more small talk, i think we know each other too well for that, moving onto the icons. enjoy!

23 August 2011 @ 03:59 pm
well, have a meme (yes this is an attempt to distract y'all) ♥

Icon Bump || My Thread
DON'T ASK ME WHERE THIS CAME FROM I SUPPOSE I'M JUST APPREHENSIVE-EXCITED ABOUT THE ANIME AND HAD TO DO SOMETHING? Idk. Brief fill-in about the fandom: it's about five boys who grew up together (they knew each other since kindergarten. kindergarten!! oh my god i shall die of cute) and a new transfer student who joins their group. This series is basically about their high school days, slice-of-life with a lot of pointless, silly, random and adorable antics - hey you are only young once!!  - , touching friendship moments (read: bro bonding) and a lot of heart. I love it. It's so endearing, I smile non-stop whenever I'm reading it (come to think of it, flat has the same effect too what is it about bros that make people go all 'dawwww' , or is it just me??) Useful links: Official website (super pretty art, did I ever mention that?), drama CD translations and the livejournal community kimitoboku_fan  , a bunch of awesome people who have been there for a long, long time FANGIRLING IN OBSCURITY BUT NOW NO MORE, NEVER AGAIN /CUE EVIL LAUGH.

So about this not-mix thing: it's been on the back-burner for a long time, started and put aside around the same time as I posted my  k-on! playlist, I guess? That's like, 17 months ago? whooops. I meant it to be a sort of B-side to that mix, boys complementing the girls and all; but if the girls were more 'road trip, summertime beach', these boys are 'laidback, happy to be together' and all that. Sounds good, but what it really meant was me browsing through my music folders - which is a bad enough thing because clearly I have questionable music taste - and picking songs that however slightly, felt relevant to what I was looking for. I hope it's not fandom heresy for me include songs from other series here aksjskf?? Aaaanyway, this is lazy ( cover scanned by lucathia_rykatu  , i take no credit for anything in this post except for this textspill) and I am sorry 'bout that but here it is all the same so enjoy! ♥


The ones who never give up trying,
Continue to shine brighter than anyone else.
The ones who never give up trying,
Can always face tomorrow, no matter how painful it may be.

ao no sekai | remioren
chiisana koi no uta | mongol 800
ムーンライト | merengue
ありがとう、ごめんね | galileo galilel
僕の部屋 | kasarinchu
兄弟 | andymori

arigatou | the stand up

download zip.


I had a total love/hate relationship with this show, I can't even begin to explain all the mixed feelings regarding it. I am not blind towards the show's numerous faults, but at this point, I am kind of vaguely optimistic about how it'll end as long as it does end satisfactorily though for all my grumblings, this show is good, in its own way. One irony of the show I really like was put down perfectly in words by this anime blogger : " The more things start coming together, the more everyone starts falling apart. Menma tears the group apart as much as she brings it together. " Just ugh. Those kind of quiet realizations are the ones that hit the hardest and makes you go all "man this is good stuff".

Tsurumi is one of my favourite characters in the show, and this ship is one close to my heart from episode one because theirs is the kind of assured with each other close-friends,dynamic that I really go for (some may argue that he's a whole lot closer to anjou, but i digress). I've been thinking a lot about them and their relationship and after reading ibuberu 's fic yesterday (I blame her for this mix, haha) I  inspired to put this together and post it before the finale. It's nothing much to be honest, just a selection of songs I put together to read the fic by aka me picking songs that reminded me of the tone this pairing and not caring much about lyrics/storyline whatsoever, buuut I just want to get it out here, out of my system. The lyrics a little AU at certain parts though (I can't help it if they're that way inside my head) and I tried to make a little order out of the mess but I don't think it made much of an impact on the sound of it. The cover is pretty simple and generic, but for those interested enough to care, the cap I used as the base is this one (one of my favourite caps to come from the show - train tracks are somehow very relevant to the both of them) Enjoy!