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er, hi, it's been a while! (i know, i know, biggest understatement of the century) livejournal's so quiet these days that i could forgive you for thinking that i've closed shop and disappeared, and while it's true that i was thinking for a while back then that i'd probably never do anything like that again - in the end i always come back. because this comm is my flesh and bone after all! and i missed making icons because it's where I started out despite being horribly, horribly rusty at doing it (you have to excuse me!) SOOO help a girl out and hit me with images to get the ball rolling?


  Unlimited slots and images. I can't guarantee that I'll icon every single one of your images, but you're welcome to send in as many as you like!
❙  All requests are shareable.
I work best with anime caps, official anime/manga images and fanart (credited please) but if you send me manga panels or real life images, I'll try my best to icon them. Just don't expect anything fancy (see previous posts for a general impression of my iconing style)

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